N90 Med Air Purifier

Our N90 Med model has the same air cleaning capacity as the N90 and is effective in indoor areas up to 750 m3 – (300m2 according to 2.5m ceiling height).

N90 Med Smart F9 filter with Antibacterial and Antiviral features and Antibacterial and Antifungal especially H14 HEPA filter in all models destroy bacteria and viruses.

Activated Carbon Filter reduces odors and gaseous pollutants in the ambient air by 99%. N90 Med, produced especially for hospitals and polyclinics with its antibacterial outer body and white design, starts to clean the viruses in the environment much faster thanks to its design that draws air from the Breath Level. It has a ready-to-use and portable feature without connecting to any system, without the need for assembly.

N90 Med has 5-inch LCD screens that measure particles in PM1, PM2.5, and PM10 sizes, detect air quality, show the fill level for all filters, and have weekly and daily timing features.

Filters particles sized 0.3 micron at a rate of 99.97%, utilizing a patented airproof design ensuring homogeneous air flow.
Removes Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC), unpleasant odors and smoke from the air, thus provides a healthy air for individuals suffering from asthma and allergies.
Captures larger particles, thus increases the performance and life span of HEPA 14 Filter.

Bilgi Al!