N100-V Smart SDS Air Purifier

Our new high-performance model N100-V SMART SDS Air Purifier provides you with the opportunity to disseminate your marketing communication on 24” LCD screen thanks to its digital signage technology. Digital signage allows the user to control multiple screens even on different and remote locations.

N100-V SDS cleans the indoor air in areas of 1,750 m3 (700 m2 per 2.5 m ceiling) in 1 hour at only 48 dB(A) sound level.

Froumann’s unique design providing air intake at breathing level enables filtration of particules in the air before descending to the ground level, thus providing a more effective air purification. N100-V SMART SDS blows clean air to its environment from a safe height of 180 cm.

It is Plug-and-Play, requiring no assembly. It can be moved easily thanks to its wheels.

Filters particles sized 0.3 micron at a rate of 99.97%, utilizing a patented airproof design ensuring homogeneous air flow.
Captures larger particles, thus increases the performance and life span of HEPA 14 Filter.

Bilgi Al!