It has been proven that Froumann Professional Air Purifiers can filter 99% of SARS-CoV-2 viruses that hang in the air.

 According to the tests conducted by the Microbiology Department of Inonu University and by following the regulations of World Health Organization, under the permission of Turkish Ministry of Health, our purifiers filter viruses by 99%.

For detailed test results: Report.
Covid-19 pandemic heightens the importance of hand hygiene. Now, we are all more cautious.

However, there is something else this disease made clear: Air quality is also crucial today and will always stay so.

Air quality is not only essential for children, the elderly, those with allergies and asthma; but also for everyone of us who spends time indoors. As Froumann, we develop our products based on this fact.

Froumann products have been developed during the pandemic focusing primarly sanitising air from viruses.

Froumann Professional Air Purifiers are designed to collect the air from breathing level and rapidly reduce the virus load.

Bilgi Al!